Do You Have An Awesome Idea?

I’m definitely one of those dreamer people. Which is a little strange because if you’re at all familiar with the Myers Briggs Personality Types, I’m an ISTJ. That particular personality type isn’t particularly known for their daydreams or flights of fancy. Oh well, call me an anomaly. In fact my husband, who is an INTJ, finds my constant “I have an awesome idea” schemes to be a bit tiresome and frustrating.

He’s hyper practical. He can’t understand why I’m constantly creating plans and researching (theres the ISTJness of it all) the next big thing, my next coolest idea or how to launch my latest business/app/work-for-myself idea. He wants me to just be satisfied with the job I have, the life I have, and forget all those crazy ideas. It pays the bills, after all.

Sometimes I even think he’s right.

But that sure doesn’t stop me.

In fact, I have an entire page in my Bullet Journal dedicated to to these “crazy ideas”. Though it is much more flatteringly named: My Awesome Ideas.

So humble, I know.

But I’m usually so stoked about these ideas, no matter where they lie on the Unoriginal to Way-Out-There spectrum that it doesn’t bother me to pat myself on the back about it.

And when you’re a pre-entreprenuer you need every back pat you can get, and most of them are going to have to come from yourself.

my awesome ideas

So here’s my advice.

Write them down.

Write every crazy idea, every marketing angle, every slogan, every blog topic idea down. Right away. On your phone, on your hand, in an actual notebook. Just don’t forget them.

Don’t let those little flashes of brilliance burn out and leave you in the darkness of complacency. And then, periodically, revisit them.

Which one(s) still make you tingle with joy and fear? Which ones overwhelm you with the amount of work it would take to get them off the ground? Which ones seem like they might be almost inside your grasp?

Review this list whenever you’re feeling stuck and uninspired. Add to it always. And work toward achieving your goals. Even if its half a step at a time.

If you have a great idea for an app, but you have no clue how to write code and can’t afford someone else to do it, don’t give up. Ask around. Does a friend or workmate have a hidden talent for coding? Maybe you could offer them a share of the profits made from it if they’re willing to do the 1s and 0s (but ask if they’re willing to work for free fresh baked cookies first because, who would say ‘no’ to that??). And if you don’t know anyone, google it. Look it up on youtube while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. Learn, even if it’s little by little, to code for yourself. Draw up sketches of what the app should look like. Even just browsing the app store for similar apps to what you want to create and getting ideas is still working toward your goal.

I have several ideas for side hustles I’d like to pursue someday. They range from apps, to online work, to podcasts and consulting businesses. One way a lot of pre-entrepreneurs get started is with an Etsy Shop. Look for a few upcoming posts that will have interviews with friends of mine who’ve started Etsy Shops. We’ll talk about the struggles they’ve encountered and the lessons they’ve learned and why they wanted to start in the first place.

Because together we learn and together we succeed.

So what awesome ideas do you have? What steps have you taken to make them a reality? Interested in sharing your story on the blog? Just get in touch with me using the contact page, or leave a comment.


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