Getting to Know You: A Hand-Lettering Goddess

Hello there Passion People! Today I am here with an interview with a very passionate person and one of my best friends. On instagram she is known as, but I just call her Jessica. Jessica and our friend Marisa are the ones that actually got me into bullet journaling. I resisted at first (I know, hard to believe) because I thought it was a little silly (why draw your planner when you can just buy one??) and I think I also knew it was something I could fall really deep into and I didn’t know if I wanted that.

Well I did. Trust me. If you have creative leanings at all and you love to be organized, just do it. Jump in. You’ll enjoy the fall.

Anyway, about the time I started getting into bullet journaling, Jessica was already dipping her toes into a bujo rabbit-hole that many bullet journalers find called hand lettering and calligraphy.

Personally, I like my bujo to be a little more minimalist and clean looking, so calligraphy has never appealed to me on the level of some others, but not to worry, thats why I’m bringing in a professional to talk to you about it.

Jessica is seriously passionate about making your handwriting beautiful, so much so that she wrote a guest blog post about it on called “4 Basic Calligraphy Tips All Beginners Should Know.” Go check it out, but first, lets get to know Jessica a little bit better and how she’s turning her passion for hand lettering into a side hustle.

1. What is your business?

I am starting a blog called Letter.Love.Laugh that will focus on calligraphy, hand-lettering and bullet journaling. I also hope to soon start an Etsy shop that will feature stickers that can fit into the bullet journal spreads. 

2. What do you balance your side hustle with?

I do medical billing

3. Would you say your side hustle is centered around something you’re passionate about?

Very much so. I have always loved penmanship and just writing in general. Talking about hand-lettering and developing pieces that show my style are so much fun and allow me to let my creativity flow.

alphabet, practice, calligraphy, hand lettering

4. What was the biggest fear or obstacle you had to overcome to get started? And how did you get past it?

The thought of possibly failing and being critisized. I tend to think “What is someone doesn’t like my work?” a lot, but I try to focus on those that send me positive feed back showing that my work isn’t as bad as I think it is lol. 

5. Why did you decide to start a blog/business?

I actually had someone reach out to me on Instagram and asked if I would like to be featured on their business as a guest blogger. I was so shocked since I don’t have a blog yet and they were simply asking based off my bullet journal and hand lettered posts. Also my husband was cheering me on to start one since he has started his own blog. 

6. What are some of your short term and long term hustle goals?

Short term: I would like to gain a community of positive individuals that are passionate about calligraphy and bullet journaling. Maybe like a Facebook group or just those that follow me on social media. 

Long term: Start and etsy shop that will allow me to work from home and live off of a modest income. I think working from home is always ideal 🙂coffee, hand lettering, sugar, quotes

7. Whats your go to to inspiration? A blog, youtube channel? Pinterest?

Boho Berry I think is always they first person you come across when you research bullet journal spreads. I tend to look to her blog and Instagram for quote inspirations to put in my bullet journal. I also LOVE to go to @pandchalk for hand letting inspiration. I also love the spreads that @crafydeesigns has. She tends to be a go to for me when i want a simple spread.  

8. Where can people find you?

As of right now you can find me on Instagram for all my bullet journal spreads and hand-lettering pieces. I will announce there when my blog officially is up and running. 

9. Any words of wisdom or advice for other people who are looking to start their business?

Do what you love and you will never be bored of what you do. Also surround yourself with positive people that will HELP you grow and progress, but will also help you maintain a balance in life since it can be easy to be consumed by work. Your family should always come first, so make sure to spend your time and energy on them.

calligraphy, plate
Jessica likes to make her property look pretty


10. Because I like the roundness of ten: any parting words? If not, insert your favorite quote here!

Pizza is Bae 😉 

Haha, now you see why we’re friends. Pizza IS bae. After Bae, obviously. If you are picking up what Jessica is putting down go and check out her guest blog post on some really rad calligraphy tips here. And don’t forget to check her out on insta, she’s got lots of cool ideas and posts regularly and I know she’d love to answer any and all questions you might have.

Also, if you are interested in bullet journaling, I have an instagram you should check out as well, and look out for some bujo centered posts soon because, as I previously alluded to, it’s something I am very passionate about and I’d love to share it with you!

Who is your favorite influencer? Who’s instagram or pinterest feed just gets you all fired up? Let me know with an email or just a comment below and I’ll try to set an interview up with them. Remember, together we learn and grow!

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