10 Ways to Make Money With Your Side Hustle – Part Two

Last time I talked about five ways to make money with your side hustle that aren’t blogging or Etsy. You might have noticed that last blog post only talked about five ways for that, in a blog titled “10 ways to make money”…well lets talk about the other five, shall we?

Last time I focused mostly on people that have a physical good to sell, this week we will be looking at ways to make money if your THING is a skill you have or some knowledge you can share. 

6. Write an Ebook

If your side hustle is a consulting business or just centered around something that you happen to know a lot about, then you have a golden opportunity for an ebook. But I’m not a writer, that’s why I don’t have a blog! You sigh, and scroll on, assuming this suggestion just isn’t for you. 
Well you would be wrong. The nice thing about an ebook is it doesn’t have to be as long as a normal book and it can serve as the all important “sign up incentive”. The thing you give your reader as a reason for them to give you their email address. The ebook should be well thought out, well written and above all provide value to your reader. You want them to be glad they traded their valuable email address for the information and to feel like you truly are an expert that they can trust. 

I am planning a blog post where I go into more detail about the How To aspect of this idea, but if you’d like to get a jump start and don’t know how, start with this: get a piece of printer paper and a marker or pen and draw a circle in the middle of the paper with your ebook title idea (it doesn’t have to be perfect, you may not even keep it). Then come up with different ideas related to that topic and draw a line off the main bubble and write the secondary idea at the end of it. These might be the history of the THING, the newest developments, some influencers who are doing amazing things in the field, etc. Come up with as many interesting and relevant ideas as you can. This paper will be the backbone of your outline and later, your ebook. 

Where the Money Comes In:
If you choose to sell your ebook on a platform like amazon, then obviously you will get royalties each time its bought. But I think the smarter financial option is to give it away for free. More and more people are expecting really good content for free online, but they know its hard to find. If you can show the people that give you a chance and actually download your ebook that you are a smart, generous entrepreneur who wants to help them succeed by giving them valuable, well done content for free, they are going to come back for more and they are going to tell their friends. And that, passion people, is more valuable than money. 

Working, freelance, writing, make money, side hustle, build wealth7. Freelance Online

So maybe you have some skills, but you want to make money right now, before establishing a brand and a following. Or you want to do acquire more skills with practice but make money while you’re at it. Well then, freelancing is for you. There are lots of places you can find online freelancing work ranging from craigslist to crowdspring and tons of places in between. I always say do some googling before you sign up for anything, make sure the site is reputable and they aren’t going to steal your identity or your money. It takes five minutes and saves you tons of hassle. And also, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is (looking at you craigslist ads). 

One of my favorite sites to use is upwork.com. Like most freelancing sites, it can be slow to get started, but I’ve found it to be a pretty easy to use platform and the rating system in place serves to keep everyone on their best behavior. 

Where The Money Comes In:
I’ve dabbled in freelancing for years and in my experience, when the job is done, you get paid. Easy as that. 

8. Teach on Skillshare

I will admit this is one I haven’t tried personally but I’m really interested in giving it a shot. The premise of skillshare is that you record a “class” that can be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour long. The subject matter ranges from design to photography to culinary skills to business coaching. The advantage of teaching a skill on a site like skillshare versus making it exclusively available on your own site is sort of like the guest posting idea from my last post. Since people already know to go to skillshare to learn these types of skills, there’s a built in customer base. It’s a lot easier to sell to a preexisting following than it is to build one. 

Where the Money Comes In:
The great thing about skillshare is you record once, but you get paid every time someone takes your class. Passive income for $1000 Alex? Heck yeah its a Daily Double. 

9. Start a Consulting Course

But if you’re not interested in people having to wade through hundreds of other Creatives to find you, or you think your THING is compelling enough to draw a crowd all on its own, then creating an exclusive consulting course might be for you. This is not an easy or “quick money” way to go. It takes time to build a following, it takes time to build the curriculum and it takes time to cement yourself as an expert in your field. BUT if you take the time, and you believe in your skills and are able to sell yourself in a way that people are buying, then there is almost no better way to turn your part time side hustle into a full time career than with a consulting course. 

Where the Money Comes In:
Consulting courses are not cheap to create, and they’re not cheap to take. The important thing is to make sure the information and experience is chock full of valuable, actionable information they couldn’t get anywhere else. Entrepreneurs understand more and more that you get what you pay for, and they are willing to pay upwards of hundreds of dollars a person if the return on investment is worthwhile. And no one knows if it is better than you, friend. 

10. Invest in Yourself

Working, freelance, consulting, invest, invest in yourself, side hustle
You remember number eight and number nine where you teach others a skill you already have? What if while you were on skillshare you signed up for a course in web design so you can finally get that website you’ve been procrastinating off the ground? Or if you are really ready to take your business to the next level and grow your following in a classy way, and you come across Lisa Jacobs and Erika Madden and fall in love with their ideas, so you bite the bullet and sign up for a course. You are spending money in the short term, but as an entrepreneur, your business is you, and you can almost never go wrong investing in your business.  

Where the Money Comes In:
When you’re side hustling, you are everything. You’re the CEO, the IT guy, the marketing team, the content creator, the accountant…the list goes on. And it’s ok if you don’t already have all those skills, in fact, that’s super normal. But you can get those skills. You can learn them. And when you can do things for yourself, rather than hiring them out, you build wealth, rather than spending it.

So there you have it, my 10 ways to make money with your side hustle that aren’t blogging or etsy. What did you think? Did any of these ideas inspire you? Are you already doing some of them? Is it working? Let me know! I’m on Facebook and Instagram and I would love to talk to you. Or just leave a comment below and we can get started right now 🙂 

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