How Do You Know What You’re Passionate About?

How do you know what you should be spending the rest of your life on? What is your THING? For some I suppose that might seem like a strange questions. Some people are born knowing exactly what they want to be and what they want to do. Those people probably don't look up from their... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Fear of Failure

Two years ago I published my first novel and jumped into the world of Indie Author Awesomeness. I set up my website, I started a blog, created a conservative social media presence that consisted of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and...thats about it.

Do You Have An Awesome Idea?

I'm definitely one of those dreamer people. Which is a little strange because if you're at all familiar with the Myers Briggs Personality Types, I'm an ISTJ. That particular personality type isn't particularly known for their daydreams or flights of fancy.

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